Thursday, December 23, 2010


Thankyou to all who entered my contest!

The winners are: 

  1. Baddict 17
  2. Jennifer
  3. Abby

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mid Winter's Eve Giveaway!

Kathy @ I am a reader, not a writer is hosting yet another greatabulous giveaway!

The 3 winners of the giveaway will win a custom made blog design. This includes a background,header,button,rating system,and avatar if you want one.

To enter leave a comment with your name, email address,And link to your blog if you have one!

Your name will be entered twice if you follow my blog!

Contest Closed!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog Designs


Peace.Love.Converses is now doing blog designs!
 They are $15 dollars for just the background and header.$25 dollars for the background header and button.$30 dollars for the background header button rater and signature!
Here are the links to some test blogs I have done:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog hop!

Book Blogger Hop


Q:  "How do you spread the word about your blog?
(e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs...)"

A:  I spread the word around by doing product reviews on and I am fixing to do twitter! Maybe Facebook?


Blog Hop Question!

Q:  "How do you spread the word about your blog?
(e.g. Social Networking sites, Book Blog Directories, comments on other blogs...)"



A:  I spread the word around by doing product reviews on and I am fixing to do twitter! Maybe Facebook?


Mini Challenge 3

This Mini Challenge Consists Of:

  -Book Synopsis


- Write A Blog Post Containing A Book Synopsis Of A Book You Wish Would Be Written.

      -Example:  If you really loved Before I Fall, you would write a synopsis for Before I Fall #2 .

              - Not allowed to write a synopsis for a book that has a sequel already planned so do     

                your research!



Number the Stars 2 Synopsis


After the war was over Annemarie Johansson still hadn’t seen her friend Ellen Rosen and was worried sick about her and her family. When the Johanssons go on a family vacation to visit their Uncle Henrick he has some disturbing news. He hadn’t heard from the Rosens in five months and that the last time he heard from them they said that Ellen was deadly sick, but that they were scared to come out of hiding. Now Annemarie must fight for Ellen’s safety, but first she must find a way to get to Sweden.

Mini Challenge 2

This Mini Challenge Consists Of:

Date A Celebrity!

-Close Your Eyes!

-Imagine You Just Won A Contest Consisting Of A Date (Dinner And A Movie)

-You Get To Choose Any Celebrity/Singer/Sports Star To Go On A Date With
-FYI:Cartoon characters are exempt.


-Write A Blog Post Telling Me Who You Would Choose

-Explain Why You Choose Them

-Be Creative In Your Post (maybe include a picture of said person or tell me what you would order for dinner)




Well, if I had to choose I would pick……..Justin Bieber. I know I know most people would go ewww, but not me. I love Justin Bieber! I would pick him because I think that we would have alot in common, like we both like singing and music etc..

He would be wearing blue jeans and preferably a whit tee shirt, but he would probably where purple. I would be wearing  jeans and a tee shirt also. He would grab my hand and open the door to his car for me. We would have packed a picnic lunch and go to park or by a river or a place that had alot of flowers. After we finished eating we would go to see a movie. We would probably see something funny or scary so that he could hold me when I got scared! LOL :D! After the movie he would drop me off at my house and we would kiss. It would be a long 10 second kiss that we both wouldn’t forget. That was the end of our first date.



Marlee <3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Shop Product Review

Bottle Cap Jens Shop Announcement:

Welcome to my site! I AM HAVING A SALE ON ALL MY MAGNET BOARDS!!! USUALLY $45 NOW ONLY ****** $35 ******** WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!!*****I am also doing a buy 3 get 1 FREE!!!! Just make sure your FREE item is the lowest priced, and then send me a message for the FREE one.....DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FREE ONE, JUST CONVO ME!!!!******So I just had a recent customer send me this link and ask if this was my "UP" bottle cap pin, and OMG it is!!! It is such a AWESOME thing to see your handmade items in a WEDDING!! Check it out!! shipping time for all my items are from 2-5 days. And with custom order sometimes a bit longer, depending on the size of the order. I will convo you if your item will take longer than this 2-5 day time frame! ***IF YOU NEED SOMETHING FASTER THAN THIS, PLEASE CONVO ME WITH ANY REQUESTS!!!***If there is something specific that you want such as the color of ribbon necklace or specific beads, or a different quantity, just let me know! I can CHANGE the color of any of the ribbon necklaces, or size of the orders!! JUST CONVO ME BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE!! I would LOVE to set up a custom listing for you!!I enjoy making all types of things with bottle caps and glass tiles, if there is something that you don't see, just CONVO me and I can do nearly anything!!Thanks for checking out my ETSY store!!****Please visit my new store where I have Bottle Cap hair accessories(bow, clips, hats...) at**********Also visit my blog at********

While I was looking through etsy, this really cool shop comes up and I'm like I'm going to contact her, and here we are now! Well lets see today I am going to review a couple of products from BottleCapJen. They are twilight key chains,a peace necklace,and a grape soda pen! Lets start with the key chains.

Here they are! They say Vampire girl and I love sparkly vampires. These key chains aren't just pretty, they are stylish popular and up to date. What girl doesn't like twilight? Plus they are only $6.50, and that my friends is a good price for 2 hand/home made key chains. OH and the shipping is super fast!


Okay this is the peace necklace! Cute right? This necklace is just one of the many cute/pretty/stylish things that. This necklace will make your friends jealous. When I first wore it to school my friend was like OMG I want that necklace I'll give you a dollar for it and I was like uhh NO! LOL any way this necklace will keep you in style and make you fell like your still in the eighties!You get all of this for only $7.50.



Okay well first off who doesn't love grape soda? This button is very useful in many ways. First you can clip it on your purse, your book bag, or you could just wear it! That is just one thing but there are many more! This button is so cool when ever you wear it or have on your book bag people are going to want to look at it and examine it!

This neat little button is only $4.50!

REMEMBER!! If you absolutely loved these three items you really need to contact BottleCapJen at:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Etsy Shop Product Review

Sew blessed byJenise

Jenise's shop announcement:

sewblessedbyjenise's Shop Announcement
♥♥♥♥Welcome to Sew Blessed by Jenise♥♥♥♥Sew Blessed by JeniseI enjoy creating unique, personalized gifts in my smoke free home sewing studio in the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains! Sewing has always been one of my many creative passions, and now I am very excited to bring it to Etsy! All of my items are Custom Made upon order. You may choose to have a name or monogram on any item. If you prefer a different pattern, color or style, just send me a message! Together we will create the perfect gift!Thank You for stopping by!Many Blessings,Jenise♥***************************************************************Sew Bessed to be part of the "CAST TEAM"***************************************************************

The other day when I was looking around etsy I found this amazing little shop! It had the cutest clutches and wristlets ever! Here is a pic of mine:

Pretty dern cute huh? Ok I'm not gonna lie theese thing are like clown purses.Seriously you can fit a ton of stuff in them! With theese bags you'll be packed and ready to go while still looking hot! Jenise did an excellent job, I didn't even know what she was sending me until I opened the package! When I opened the package I thought that I was going to have a heart attack because it was just so breath taking! On Jenise's bags you can get them monogrammed with your name or intial(s). Jenise sells everything from Diaperbags to gift sets.You can find any kind of bag in her shop. Jenise is a ver ver creative and speacial person. So please go check out her shop at :

Thursday, August 5, 2010

CSN Product Review

CSN's Offer:

CSN stores offer an incomparable selection,a trained service team, and prices that won't be beat. From beds and desks to TV mounts, we can furnish your entir home, business,and school and you can shop at all of our stores with one cart!
The other day I was talking to my sister about who mknows what and she told me about this amazing website! They have great prices and they have anything that you can imagine! Amazing right? So you know I'm looking on the website and I see alot of cool things! Here are some pictures of what I like:

As you can see there are a pretty good bit of things that I like from their store, and this isn't even half of it! If you can't find anything that you really like from their stores well then there is something definetly wrong with you! Just joking. Ok back to business, what I received from CSN is an eco friendly pencil made by zebra, but ge this I didn't get just one I got like 6 for only$2.00!Theese pencils are not just good for writing but even for drawing or poking people with them, etc. etc. No I'm just joking please don't go around poking or throwing theese at people! THEY CAN BE DANGEROUS! Any way theese pencils are good for just about anything to do with writing or drawing!

I also got what I thought was a necklace but it really was just the jewlery box. I know right blonde moment! LOL but theese are really cool jewlery boxes! They are very durable. They can be used for rings, necklaces, earings, valuable coins or arrow heads. Maybe even a shark tooth! Ok guys say you bought your girlfriend a really expensive engagment ring and lost the box or it didn't come with one you could go online to and type in jewlery boxes in the search box and vuala there you go! I am pretty sure that the girl wouldn't be able to even tell that the box came off the internet! Ok well enough talking about it here is a picture :
Prtty fancy huh? Well I wanna know what you think so post a comment and please go and check out!! IT ROCKS MY SOCKS! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Etsy Shop Review

Designs by Derenda Shop Announcement:

Kitsch necklaces earring and rings at affordable prices. We specialize in retro hand made jewelry reminiscent of the eighties!

I am so pleased to be featured in the following treasury collections:

My Purple Flower Ring

My Pink Lemonade Seahorse Earrings:

My White Rose Ring

My Oooh La La Necklace

I found this really amazing shop the other day while I was looking around etsy! She sells almost any kind of jewelry you can think of and they are all very beautiful and affordable! Here is the item that I got for my review:

So what do you think? Well I know it's not a very good picture but it kind of gives you an idea. I thought that this product was very well made and it is sizable! Plus the shipping is great! My ring got to me super fast. The ring came shipped in a little golden box with a business card in case you have any questions or if you just want to say thank you or even buy another product! This product is great for birthdays, anniversary, and wedding gifts. If you are looking for a ring that is hand made, affordable, and stylish Designs By Derenda is the place to go. Here is her etsy link:

Well Ihope you check it out!
Happy blogging,


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Product Review

Monday, July 19, 2010

ACJ Inspirations Product Review

Hi again fellow bloggers I am fixing to share with you an amazing review on an amazing product! This amazing product was made by the even more amazing Michelle who is the founder of ACJ Inspirations. ACJ Inspirations is the name of her shop on (hand made products). The product that Michelle sent me to review is a Hot Stuff Insulated Lunch Tote. This is not your ordinary lunch tote. This lunch bag is Eco friendly, it is made from recycled materials, it is very stylish, and with this lunch bag you'll be the coolest kid in school or the coolest adult at work! Oh and there is one more thing, you can get it monogrammed all for $9.00! What more could you ask for? I absolutely love mine so here is a picture :

Beautiful right? Oh man I almost forgot the shipping is only $3.00 and it gets there super fast! Well I hope you will check out Michelle's store and comment on my review!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Justin Bieber

If you like Justin Bieber comment and add a smiley face. If you dont like him comment and add a frowny face!

CSN Teaser!

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever heard of the CSN stores? Well if not you should be ashamed, just joking. The CSN stores have a new addition to their dining ware section. The new addition is the Corelle dining ware. Corelle is not just your average fine china, its all of the glass plates and cups and casserole dishes too plus alot more all in one section. Here are a few pictures of some of the Corelle dining ware that I like :

Corelle Coordinates 7oz. Ramekin in Pretty Pink-Set of Two

Corelle Livingware Friendship 16 Peice Dinnerware Set

Corelle Square Simple Lines 12 Peice Bowl Set

Remember I will soon have a review on another CSN product!



Thursday, July 15, 2010


Check out this giveaway at:

Right now I am dying to get my hands on the book Kissing Coffins the sequel to Vampire Kisses. I have not read the second one because my sister who supposedly had it couldn't find it after I finished the first one, man was I upset. I bugged her about it everyday! So if I had a choice of a book to read I would choose Kissing Coffins. What would you chose?

Product Reviews

Hey everyone I am now doing product reviews on my blog. Here are a few pictures of what I am going to review soon:

Hot Stuff Insulated Lunch Tote
Made By: ACJ Inspiratons

Blue Damask Large Collapsible Market Tote
Made By:Casey Mason
There is one more but I don't have a picture of it.It is a Mystical Medium Blue Flower Ring Made By: Designs By Derenda.
I will keep you posted!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey yall should check out Ashley's Bookshelf Its this really awesome blog that has great book reviews and more things your sure to love!! :)

Harry Potter

Harry potter and the Sorcerors Stone Is a very Mysterious and suspenseful book.If you are like me then i'm pretty sure that you would like this book.J.K Rowling is one of my favorie authors!:)

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