Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Shop Product Review

Bottle Cap Jens Shop Announcement:

Welcome to my site! I AM HAVING A SALE ON ALL MY MAGNET BOARDS!!! USUALLY $45 NOW ONLY ****** $35 ******** WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!!*****I am also doing a buy 3 get 1 FREE!!!! Just make sure your FREE item is the lowest priced, and then send me a message for the FREE one.....DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FREE ONE, JUST CONVO ME!!!!******So I just had a recent customer send me this link and ask if this was my "UP" bottle cap pin, and OMG it is!!! It is such a AWESOME thing to see your handmade items in a WEDDING!! Check it out!! shipping time for all my items are from 2-5 days. And with custom order sometimes a bit longer, depending on the size of the order. I will convo you if your item will take longer than this 2-5 day time frame! ***IF YOU NEED SOMETHING FASTER THAN THIS, PLEASE CONVO ME WITH ANY REQUESTS!!!***If there is something specific that you want such as the color of ribbon necklace or specific beads, or a different quantity, just let me know! I can CHANGE the color of any of the ribbon necklaces, or size of the orders!! JUST CONVO ME BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE!! I would LOVE to set up a custom listing for you!!I enjoy making all types of things with bottle caps and glass tiles, if there is something that you don't see, just CONVO me and I can do nearly anything!!Thanks for checking out my ETSY store!!****Please visit my new store where I have Bottle Cap hair accessories(bow, clips, hats...) at**********Also visit my blog at********

While I was looking through etsy, this really cool shop comes up and I'm like I'm going to contact her, and here we are now! Well lets see today I am going to review a couple of products from BottleCapJen. They are twilight key chains,a peace necklace,and a grape soda pen! Lets start with the key chains.

Here they are! They say Vampire girl and I love sparkly vampires. These key chains aren't just pretty, they are stylish popular and up to date. What girl doesn't like twilight? Plus they are only $6.50, and that my friends is a good price for 2 hand/home made key chains. OH and the shipping is super fast!


Okay this is the peace necklace! Cute right? This necklace is just one of the many cute/pretty/stylish things that. This necklace will make your friends jealous. When I first wore it to school my friend was like OMG I want that necklace I'll give you a dollar for it and I was like uhh NO! LOL any way this necklace will keep you in style and make you fell like your still in the eighties!You get all of this for only $7.50.



Okay well first off who doesn't love grape soda? This button is very useful in many ways. First you can clip it on your purse, your book bag, or you could just wear it! That is just one thing but there are many more! This button is so cool when ever you wear it or have on your book bag people are going to want to look at it and examine it!

This neat little button is only $4.50!

REMEMBER!! If you absolutely loved these three items you really need to contact BottleCapJen at:

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