Monday, July 19, 2010

ACJ Inspirations Product Review

Hi again fellow bloggers I am fixing to share with you an amazing review on an amazing product! This amazing product was made by the even more amazing Michelle who is the founder of ACJ Inspirations. ACJ Inspirations is the name of her shop on (hand made products). The product that Michelle sent me to review is a Hot Stuff Insulated Lunch Tote. This is not your ordinary lunch tote. This lunch bag is Eco friendly, it is made from recycled materials, it is very stylish, and with this lunch bag you'll be the coolest kid in school or the coolest adult at work! Oh and there is one more thing, you can get it monogrammed all for $9.00! What more could you ask for? I absolutely love mine so here is a picture :

Beautiful right? Oh man I almost forgot the shipping is only $3.00 and it gets there super fast! Well I hope you will check out Michelle's store and comment on my review!


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