Friday, October 1, 2010

Mini Challenge 3

This Mini Challenge Consists Of:

  -Book Synopsis


- Write A Blog Post Containing A Book Synopsis Of A Book You Wish Would Be Written.

      -Example:  If you really loved Before I Fall, you would write a synopsis for Before I Fall #2 .

              - Not allowed to write a synopsis for a book that has a sequel already planned so do     

                your research!



Number the Stars 2 Synopsis


After the war was over Annemarie Johansson still hadn’t seen her friend Ellen Rosen and was worried sick about her and her family. When the Johanssons go on a family vacation to visit their Uncle Henrick he has some disturbing news. He hadn’t heard from the Rosens in five months and that the last time he heard from them they said that Ellen was deadly sick, but that they were scared to come out of hiding. Now Annemarie must fight for Ellen’s safety, but first she must find a way to get to Sweden.


Shanyn said...

Cool summary! Thanks for participating in my mini challenge :)

Marlee said...

Your Welcome! :D

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